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Medication Log Wiz

A very simple & easy-to-use app for managing your madications!
Just tapping buttons to save your log!
You can also save notes, the time you take medicines and when you go to hospitals for exams.
It has an alarm setting too!

You can backup, send and retrieve your data via "Gmail" and "Google Drive" by using "Export Cloud" function! Please click Here for more infomation!

Medication Log Wiz Howto Guide




 Menu Buttons

❶ "Setting": Set the starting week of the calendar etc…
❷ "Backup":
 Import SD card: Import data from SD card.
 Export SD card: Export data to SD card.
 Export Cloud:You can backup data to Google Drive and Dropbox.*Please install either software from the market.
❸ "Password": Set the password.
❹ "Copy to SD card": Copy the data to internal and external SD card.
❺ "Alarm":Set volume and sound.
❻ "Recovery": Use this function when you want to retrieve the previous data. *Please note that the current data will be deleted when you use this function.

  •  Save your medications first by tapping this area.
  • Move to Tag screen.
  •  Open Medicine Registration screen by tapping the tag with plus button.
  •  Enter the name.
  •  Save a memo.
  •  Select one mark of the medicine.
  •  Select the start date.
  •  Select the end date.
  •  Select the week. If you take them on an irregular base.
  •  Select the day interval from Everyday, every second day and every three days.
  •  Select when you take the medicines (Morning/Noon/Night/Before bed).
  •  Select when you take them before/between/after the meal. Or, If the medication is a pill-in-the-pocket, select "potion".
  •  Set the alarm. Tick the checkmarks otherwise it will not work.
  •  Return to the calendar after you save the medicines. You can confirm the marks on the date.
  •  Saved data will be appeared in this area.
  •  Tap this area to save the time you take the medications.
  •  Move to Medication Tag. Tap this button when you want to save the time at one tap.
  •  Tick the checkmarks one by one when you want to save the time separately.
  •  When you save the time, Circle marks will be appeared on the screen. Tap one of them.
  •  When tapping a circle mark, it chenges to triangle and X mark. You can use the triangle the situation like, you took the medication but not on time for example. You can use them as you like.
  •  Edit the time.
  •  Tap this pencil button.
  •  You can save a note for the medication. Return to the list with Save button.
  •  Memo is saved.
  •  Tap List tag!
  • Move to Medication List screen.
  •  Press and hold to change the sequence.
  •  Tap Hospital tag.
  •  Tick the checkmark when you go to hospital then a hospital mark will be displayed on the calendar.
  •  Save the next visit. Select the date.
  •  Save the time.
  •  Save a memo.
  •  The data is saved here.
  •  You can confirm the hospital mark on the date.
  •  The same mark is displayed for the next visit.
  •  Tap this arrow!
  • Switch to a full-screen display!
  •  Today button:Return to today's date at one tap.
  •  Left & Right button:Move the date right and left.
  •  List button:Move to List.
  •  Tap List button!
  •  Tap this button to see all the contents at one tap.
  •  Displays the previous month.
  •  Displyas the next month.
  •  Tap this button to close all the contents at one tap.
  •  Move to the previous day.
  •  Move to the next day.
  •  Help button:Move to GalleryApp's Medication Log Wiz webpage.
  •  Market button:Introduction of other GalleryApp's apps.
  •  Tap Menu button of the mobile phone.
  •  Select Setting.
  •  medicine name:Default is ON here. When you tick the checkmark, when you change the name of the medicine, the change will not be effected the past data. When it is OFF, the change will be effected the past data as well.

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