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ColorCalendar is a very simple app that you can add 4 colors on a date and can manage your shifts!
Tap the screen under the selected date, then a keyboard will be displayed. You can save notes and memos to manage your plans of the day!
Just press Add button ( Plus Button ) and select a color and where you want to display it on a date. *☓ button is 「Close」button.

ColorCalendar Howto Guide



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 Menu Button

❶ 「Mail」:Send the calendar as an image by email.
❷ 「Password」:Set a password.
❸ 「Setting」:Set start week and vibration etc...
❹ 「Backup」:
-----Import SD card: Import data from SD card.
-----Export SD card: Export data to SD card.

  • Initial Screen is a calendar.
  •  「Color Add」button: Tap this button to add colors.
  •  「Today」button: Go back to the today's date.
  •  「Left」&「Right」button: Move the date right and left.
  •  Tap Color Add button.
  •  Tap here to make a new color
  • Color List Window.
  •  These are default colors.
  •  Press Add button to make a new color.
  • Select Color Window.
  •  Select a color here.
  •  Adjust the color here.
  •  The color you have selected appears here. Press OK to save the color.
  •  You can see the color you made is saved on the list.
  •  Select a color and press Back button of the mobile.
  •  The selected color appears here.
  •  Select a position of the color.
    LT: Left-Top
    LB: Left-Buttom
    RT: Right-Top
    RB: Right-Buttom
    ALL: All corners
  •  After selecting a position, tap a date.
  •  You can add 4 colors each date.
  •  Close button.
  • This is a very convenient app for people who work with shifts to manage shifts just adding colors on the calendar!

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