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Album Calendar

Album Calendar is an app that you can take photos everyday and save them on the calendar!
Keep your diet log, a journal of everyday of your precious moments and memories, you can use Album Calendar in a various ways!
Save comments and memos in each photo!
Post your photos on Twitter!
Easy-to-use interface!

Album Calendar Howto Guide



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 Menu Button

❶ 「Searcg」:Search the log by a keyword.
❷ 「Password」:Set a password.
❸ 「Base Setting」:Select calendar's color.
❹ 「Twitter Setting」:Twitter log-in setting.
❺ 「Setting」:Set start week and vibration etc...
❻ 「More」:
-----Import SD card: Import data from SD card.
-----Export SD card: Export data to SD card.
 「Copy to SD card」:Copy the data to internal and external SD card.

  • *Initial window*
  •  Select the color of the calendar. There are 4 colors Pink, Navy, Red and Green.
  •  Camera button: Select a date→tap this button→start up the camera.
  •  Today button: Go back to today's date.
  •  Left & Right button: Move the date right and left.
  •  Album button: See photos taken in the selected month.
  • Lets's save photos!
  •  Calendar→Camera button→Take photos.
  •  After taking photos, press“Back”button of the mobile to go back to the calendar.
  •  You can see saved photos below the calendar.
  •  Pink dot appears on the date when there are photos.
  • Tap one of the photos→Enlarged pop-up appears.
  • *Enlarged pop-up window*
  •  Email button: Send photo by email.
  •  Twitter button: Tap this button→Dialog box appears. Enter the Tweets→Tap Twitter button to post.
  •  Edit button: Save memos for the photo. You can save the memo in the List Window too.
  •  Rotate button:Rotate the photo.
  •  List button: Save memos, send email and post on Twitter.
  •  Enlarged pop-up window→Edit button→Edit Window.
  •  Delete button: Delete the memo and photo.
  •  Memo: Save memo for the photo→After entering comment, press "Back" button of the mobile to save the data.
  • *Calendar→Album button→Album window*
  •  See photos of the month.
  • Flip the photo to see the next picture.
  •  List button: See all photos in the list.
  • Menu button→Twitter Setting: Set the Twitter connection. *The image is in Japanesebut the actual setting will be in local language.
  • Connection is approved.
  •  Tap one of the photos → Tap Twitter button.
  •  This window will be appear, then enter the comment then tap Twitter button→Uploaded on Twitter successfully.

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