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Stamp Memo

StampMemo is a very cute and funny application that you can create memos by selecting a background image and icons!
You can save a text message and send it by email to your friends! You can even save your memo as the background image of your mobile!
Keep on creating cute memos and let's send it to everyone!

Stamp Memo Howto Guide



No modifications.


 Menu Buttons

❶ 「Tag」:You can save notes with tag name.
❷ 「Delete」:Delete a note.

  • The initial window.
  •  「Text」button: Press this button to write the text. Keyboard will be displayed.
  •  「Email」button: You can send the memo by email.
  •  「Mobile Background」button: You can save the memo as the mobile background.
  •  「Shake Icon」button:When you press this button, the icons will be danced up and down!
  • Buttons of the Canvas Window.
  •  「Shrinking」button: You can shrink the icons.
  •  「Rotate Left」button: Rotate the icons to the left.
  •  「Stamp」button: You can add icons from the list below when it is 「On」.
  •  「Background」button: You can change the background image when it is 「On」.
  •  「Delete」button: You can delete icons. Drag the icon to the trash can.
  •  「Enlarging」button: You can enlarge the icons.
  •  「Rotate Right」button: Rotate the icons to the right.
  •  「Left」button:You can move icon’s list to the left.
  •  「Right」button:You can move icon’s list to the right.
  •  Press 「Background」button.
  •  Select the one you like.
  • Finish selecting a background? So, let’s create a memo!
  •  Press「Stamp」button.
  •  Select icons from the list. Tap twice toadd on the canvas.
  •  Drag the icon you have added to move.
  •  Press「Text」button to enter the text.
  • Sample memo image.
  •  Press「Email」button to email the memo to your friends!
  •  You can save the memo as your mobile backround.
  • Press「Back」button to save the memo.
  • Pressing「Back」button, move to the List Window.
  •  This is the grid style display.
  •  Press this button to display memos by normal list style.
  • Normal list style.
  •  「Add」button: You can create a new memo.
  •  「Search」button: You can save the memo with a tag name and then search them by the tag name.
  • This popup window will be displayed when you press「Search」button.You can search the memo by enteringa key word or tag name.

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