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Medication Log

You can control your medication you are taking with Medicine Log!
Make a list of your medication, take log and it reminds you the time you take the medication by setting alarm. It is so convenient that you can manage the log with the calendar.
Add marks ◯, × or △ on the name of medicine. By doing so, you can see at one view if you did take your medication or not. You can also take a note (memo) missed dose or something that you are worried about and save it as a journal.

Added a new backup function Export Cloud! You can save, send and retrieve your data by using "Gmail" and "Google Drive". Please click Here to check the detailed description.

Medication Log Howto Guide



 2013.03.24:Fixed a bug for alarm function. Added a new function that when you want to modify the name of medicine or memo, you can save it without changing the past data. Check the description below. You can now change the sort of medicine list by press-and-hold!
 Added a new backup function "Export Cloud"!
 Fixed a glitch with alarm function.


 Menu Buttons

❶ 「Setting」:Set basic functions of the app.
❷ 「Password」:Password setting.
❸ 「Mark」:Add marks on the calendar.
❹ 「Alarm」:Set volume and sound etc...
❺ 「Backup」:
 Import SD card: Import data from SD card.
 Export SD card: Export data to SD card.
 Export Cloud:You can backup data to Google Drive and Dropbox.*Please install either software from the market.
❻ 「More」:
   「Copy to SD Card」:Copy the data to internal and external SD card.
   「Recovery」:Use this function when you want to return to the previous data. *Please note that the current data will be deleted when you use this function.

  • Initial Screen
  •  “Today”button:Go back to today’s date.
  •  “Left”button:Move the date to left.
  •  “Right”button:Move the date to right.
  •  "Registration" button: Make a list of your medication. Press "New" then move to the registration screen.
  •  "List" button: You can see the list of your medication log.
  •  Today's date has this blue square around the number.
  • Press "Registration”button to move to Medication List screen.
  •  Press“New”to enter the name of the medication.
  • Medicine Registration Screen.
  •  Enter the name.
  •  You can save memo.
  •  Set the end date of your medication. Enter nothing if you take the medicationfor a long time.
  •  Check the week.
  • The rest of Medicine Registration Screen.
  •  Check when you take the medication. (Morning/Noon/Night).
  •  Select one when you take the medication. Before/between/after the meal.
  •  Press blue button to set the time of Alarm.
  •  When you finish setting all,press“Save".
  •  Press this when you want to delete the medicine.
  • Move to the Medication List when you press“Save".
  •  You can confirm the list of the medication here.
  • Press“Back”button of the mobile to go back to the calendar.
  •  The list of medication will be displayed here.
  •  When the medicine is saved, this pill mark appears on the date.
  • Tap one of the medications on the list of the calendar, then move to this screen.
  •  Select Morning/Noon/Night from the drop down menu.
  •  ◯ is you took it, △ is you took it late, × is you forgot to take it.
  •  After pressing ◯・×・△, press“Save".
  •  You can see ◯・×・△ marks here.
  •  When you press“List”button ofthe calendar, you can see the list.
  •  Press“Menu”then select“Alarm”to set volume and alarm sound.
  • Alarm Setting Screen.
  •  Press“Menu”then select“Mark”to add marks on the date from the list.
  • This is the list of Marks.
    Select one you like and tap the date to add the mark.
    When you want to delete the mark, select the same mark then tap twice.
  • This is the image of the calendar when added marks.
  •  Added "Before Bed" option.
  •  Added a new function that when you want to modify the name of medicine or memo, you can save it without changing the past data.
  •  For example, we select here as a sample 24th from the calendar, then confirm if there are saved data (you have already taken the medications or not).
  •  Select 25th.
  •  Tap "Registration" button.
  •  Select one medicine from the list. We select here BBB as a sample and added the data to the name.
  •  Add more data to the memo and save with Save button.
  •  You can confirm the added data in the list.
  •  Return to the calendar and select 25th.
  •  Confirm added data is saved on and after the 25th.
  •  Go back to the previous day on 24th.
  •  It is not changed.
  •  Press-and-hold to change the sort of the medicine list! So simple!

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