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This application is for making a list of your daily routines and check it when it is done. You will never forget your daily events using our EverydayCheck!

EverydayCheck Howto Guide



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 Menu Buttons

❶ 「Mark」:Add marks on the calendar.
❷ 「Setting」:Set basic functions of the app.
❸ 「Password」:Set the password.
❹ 「Backup」:
 Import SD card: Import data from SD card.
 Export SD card: Export data to SD card.

  • Initial Screen.
  •  Today Button: Go back to todays date.
  •  Left Button: Move date to the left.
  •  Right Button: Move date to the right.
  •  Red and bold date is selected one. Date with navy square is today’s date.
  •  Select a date that you want to start adding daily routine then tap this place. The pop-up will appear. See below.
  •  Tap “Add” then textbox will appear. See right.
  •  Enter daily routine (Event) and tap“Save”.
  • When you enter and save the daily routine, you come back to this screen.
  •  Saved events will be displayed like this.
  •  When you finish entering all events, tap“OK”to go back to the calendar.
  •  After tapping“OK”, saved events will be displayed here.
  • You finished saving events now.
  •  Next, let’s check your daily routines everyday.
  • First, select the next date, then tap ①. The pop-up will appear. See right.
  •  When the routine is done, tap the round circle. When you touch this button, the round circle turns red.
  •  When you check done routine, the event here shows round red circle too.
  •  When all events are not done, the round red circle will not appear on that date. The number of done event will appear at the right-bottom of the date.
  •  The round red circle will be displayed on the date, when all events are done.
  • From “Menu”, select “Mark”.“Mark” button will appear on the screen.
  •  Tap “Mark”, then the list of icons will be displayed. Select one icon you like.
  •  Then tap the date you want to add icon. The icon will be displayed at the left-bottom of the date.
  •  Icon will be displayed like this.

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